Stuff I've Done

This page contains various things I've worked on/ models I've made in the past.

Due to a catastrophic drive failure, I have lost many models I've made in the past. However I have a couple of new ones I've made to showcase here.


This is a model of a Mandalorian helmet from Star Wars. I made it look old and delapidated like it had been abandoned.


I decided to try out a texturing program called Substance Painter for this project. I downloaded a trial version of the software and this was my first project using it.

Using Substance Painter, I was able to bake out many different texture maps to make the model more dynamic in different lighting enviroments.


This is a model I created as a mod for an open-world military shooter game called ArmA. It is a US Recon Marine holding a knife.

On this project, I needed to have a very low polycount in order to make sure that performance of the model in-game was not compromised.

In order to do this, I started by creating the mesh with a low polygon count. I UV mapped it and then started the sculpting process.

After that I baked out textures from the high poly mesh and applied them to the original low poly.


The low poly mesh was created in Cinema 4D and Mudbox was used to sculpt the high poly.

Additionally, Photoshop and xNormal were used for some of the texture work.


For this model, I made a high poly version and sculpted in details like the PAL straps and cloth textures. I then used the high poly mesh to create normal maps, bump maps, etc to use on the low poly mesh.

This resulted in a highly detailed model with high quality textures which still had a low polygon count, so it could be used in-game.


Odd Jobs is a website that me and some friends created for our final semester assignment in College. The assignment was to come up with an original idea for a website/app and build it.

We decided to create a platform where users can post ads for jobs, and apply for them. These jobs would be simple ones such as needing someone to deliver something or walk a dog, etc.

The website was built using PHP, mySQL, HTML, CSS and Ajax. You can visit the website here.


LRK 2015 is a film competition hosted by MCMC for students in public schools. The goal of the competition was to create a video with the theme "Innovation".

Myself, my sister and 2 friends borrowed a camera and entered the competition. We learned a lot about video editing, audio and video production during the process.

We ended up getting first place in Kuala Lumpur which sent us to the second stage of the competition, where we would have to compete against the whole of Malaysia with a second video., I believe we got 4th place for the second stage.